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Mercredi, 14 Mai 2014 10:12

Me Gary Pitts

Candidat pour: région du « Reste du Canada »

Chers Confrères:
Gary-PittsI have been a  bilingual member of the Quebec Bar since 1974, having obtained my law degree (BCL) from McGill.

I am the foremost Sports & Fitness Lawyer in the world - having recently authored the book "The Personal Trainers' Legal Bible"

I live in Ottawa and I heartily endorse the mission of AHQ. I believe that the time has come for us to have a separate Barreau for those of us who do not physically practice law in la Belle Province. The Barreau du Quebec does not serve our needs nor our best  interests.

Financially, we do not receive a "Quid pro Quo for our bar fees. I wish to see change in many ways. The Barreau du Quebec has not kept pace with changing laws and paradigms - especially in the legal industry- as they exist outside of Quebec- in the GLOBAL LEGAL COMMUNITY.

Moreover, there are many laws both in Quebec and at the Federal level which are antiquated and out-dated and need to be changed.

In the last few years I have been like a lamb bleating at the Barreau to pass laws. My bleatings and pleadings have fallen on deaf ears.

I respectfully submit that I would be a good candidate for the above position.

Thank you to the Direction and to all of the members of the AHQ for their consideration of my candidature.

Merci à tous mes confrères.

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